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I am Lily and welcome to my Best Ice Cream Maker and Ice Cream Maker Reviews blog! I have 4 fun-loving kids. We all happen to LOVE ice cream. I especially enjoy experimenting with different ice cream makers and recipes to see what turns out!

best ice cream maker

Are you looking for an ice cream maker and want to know which one to choose? Read on as I recommend tips, hints, guides, and reviews on ice cream makers. I’ll show you around some of the best ice cream makers right here. You can also share these tips with your family and friends.

How to Choose the Best Ice Cream Maker

I have researched and tried many types and models of ice cream makers, just to find that very best ice cream maker that will allow me to make delicious ice cream at my own convenience. Making my own ice cream is also healthier because I control all the ingredients! So here are my tips on choosing the right ice cream maker for yourself:

  • Determine a Budget You’re Comfortable With
  • Quality Ice Cream = Good Ingredients + Good Machine
  • Choose a Versatile Machine
  • Self Cooling Ice Cream Maker is a Better Choice

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Best Ice Cream Maker Reviews

Check out all the good ice cream maker reviews before you decide to buy!

  • Best Ice Cream Maker
    You should consider getting this if you dislike operating complicated buttons and reading long instruction manuals. Basically, this ice cream maker is a gel canister machine which produces great quality ice cream for a reasonable price.
  • Best Small Ice Cream Maker
    If you are starting out on ice-cream making, this is the one to buy. Not only you don’t have to spend a fortune on a new machine, you can enjoy delicious ice cream at the same time.
  • Best Large Ice Cream Maker
    The best ice cream maker if you have to make a lot of it to satisfy your family. Safe to say that I was immediately impressed by its great quality!
  • Luxury Ice Cream Maker
    This is the machine to buy is you are a serious ice cream lover. Among the range of ice cream makers I recommend, this is the “Bentley” of them.
  • Best Classic Ice Cream Maker
    This is a classic ice cream maker with a modern twist- it comes with a powerful motor so that you don’t have to stir the mixture yourself.
  • Best Versatile Ice Cream Maker
    I’d pull this one out for gatherings, parties, barbecues, and all other occasions. Its sleek look attracted quite some attention; my friends have been asking me where I bought mine!
  • Best Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker
    Small ice cream maker for you to make fresh soft serve ice cream whenever you want it.

More tips can be found here in my blog. In my blog, you will also find ice cream maker reviews. Some of the reviews featured include Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach reviews. More products will be featured soon!

Ice Cream Maker Brands

Find your ice cream maker from your favorite brand.

How To Use Your Ice Cream Maker

I also have some tips on using the ice cream maker, so that it really releases its potential in ice cream making!

  • To save time, chill ingredients beforehand
  • Additives like chocolate and fruit should be in small sizes
  • Don’t rush the process! Chill for a couple of hours
  • Use a really cold ice cream base
  • Don’t store the ice cream for too long
  • Use ingredients in moderation

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Reasons Why You Should Own an Ice Cream Maker

  • Reason 1: What better way to make a child happy, cheer up a gathering of friends, and surprise someone? Fresh, homemade, yummy ice cream does the job perfectly!
  • Reason 2: You want to save money
  • Reason 3: You can use the freshest ingredients of your choice
  • Reason 4: You can avoid additives, preservatives, and stabilizers

Not convinced? Read the full list in Why You Should Own an Ice Cream Maker.

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Do check out my blog. I hope you had a good time reading through the different posts, tips, and reviews. Have fun and I hope you find your ice cream maker!